I'm Emily.

I am a mother, student and writer.

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Consumer Comprehension

3 Key Considerations for Consumer Comprehension

Introduction Buddha once said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” Although it’s highly unlikely that he was framing his quote within the context of consumer[…]

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Revenue per Platform, Mimic Social social media marketing simulation

9 Tips for Success at Mimic Social

Welcome to Mimic Social – an eye-opening social media marketing simulation! Brought to you by those crafty digital educators at Stukent. It’s sort of like that workout you’ve been putting[…]

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Stukent Mimic Social Simulation

Stukent’s Social Media Marketing Content Analysis Project

Introduction In preparation for Stukent’s Social Media Marketing simulation, Mimic Social, I was tasked with performing a social media audit on Herschel Supply Co.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in order[…]

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