The 3 Best Warm Weather Activities with Kids in La Crosse, WI

Great River Landing, Onalaska WI

This winter’s endless assault of snow and frigid temperatures has left us feeling overwhelmed and ready for spring. Not to mention the cabin fever that irritates adults and children alike. As I struggle to remain optimistic that this change of season will actually occur, I catch myself daydreaming about my favorite activities to do with my kids in and around La Crosse, WI. When the sun’s heat finally warms the Wisconsin days and the snow melts, the Coulee Region transforms into a playground full of possibility and wonder.

So, without further ado, (and moving on from cold and nearly record-breaking snow), here are my 3 favorite warm weather activites to do with my kids in the coulee region when the sun shines bright and the grass and trees are green again.

Hiking in Hixon Forest is a fun thing to do with kids in La Crosse, WI

Hiking in Hixon Forest

Nothing grounds me more than a spirited walk with my kids through Hixon Forest. The city of La Crosse continues to maintain and improve theses trails every year. As the responsible adult in your party, you can easily navigate your path through the woods and meadows using the signs located on the trails while attempting to keep track of your little ones. If experiencing nature and catching a breath of fresh air with energetic kids appeals to you, look no further than Hixon Forest.

Biking the Great River Bike Trail is fun to do with kids in La Crosse, WI

Biking Adventures on the Local Trails

With the energizing coolness of the shady trail and the wind on your face as you pedal along, you cannot make out a single word of complaint from any of your children! This is my go-to method for tiring out my crew, and with convenient access from the Great River Landing the Great River State Trail is my favorite local bike trail. Bring water and snacks for rest stops and exploration. For over-achievers you can even bike up to Trempealeau.

Visiting the Great River Landing in Onalaska WI is fun to do with kids in La Crosse, WI

Hanging out in Downtown Onalaska

I will confess that I may have a bias for Downtown Onalaska since it is right down the street from my home, however, do not let this detract from all the awesome improvements the City of Onalaska has made in this area over the past couple years.

Great River Landing

Who doesn’t enjoy watching the sunset over Lake Onalaska while swaying on a porch swing at the Great River Landing?

Or, for the more adventurous, sign up for a family log rolling session through the City of Onalaska Parks and Rec.

Dash Park

If you would prefer to keep your feet dry, just cross the street and check out Downtown Sound in Dash Park on Tuesday nights in the summer. If a family bike ride to the gig is your preferred mode of transportation, take advantage of the free bike valet at Coulee Bike Co.

And if the weather is hot, scoop up some delicious ice cream from The Pearl at David Reay’s and kick back and watch it melt onto your kids as they twirl to the live tunes performed by various (local) artists from diverse musical genres.


Although these are only three of the endless warm weather activities to do in and around La Crosse, Wisconsin, it is these three that call me when the winter wind howls and the snow and ice threaten to engulf my home and my sanity.


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