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Personality, Self-Concept and Lifestyle: Implications in Marketing

Personality, Self-Concept and Lifestyle are critical factors that drive consumer behavior. These closely related concepts vary across consumers. Understanding how they influence consumer behavior helps us as marketers to understand our target audience and develop the correct mix of marketing communications to deliver at the right place and time. Personality A human personality is as…
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Consumer Comprehension

3 Key Considerations for Consumer Comprehension

Introduction Buddha once said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” Although it’s highly unlikely that he was framing his quote within the context of the consumer comprehension concept, he did hit on an important idea for marketers to understand. Comprehension, or the understanding a consumer develops about a stimulus (insert…
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Revenue per Platform, Mimic Social social media marketing simulation

9 Tips for Success at Mimic Social

Welcome to Mimic Social – an eye-opening social media marketing simulation! Brought to you by those crafty digital educators at Stukent. It’s sort of like that workout you’ve been putting off. Dragging your feet, you dream up any excuse to avoid it, but once you muster the energy and just do it you won’t regret…
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Stukent Mimic Social Simulation

Stukent’s Social Media Marketing Content Analysis Project

Introduction In preparation for Stukent’s Social Media Marketing simulation, Mimic Social, I was tasked with performing a social media audit on Herschel Supply Co.’s Facebook and Instagram accounts in order to evaluate the competitor of my (fictitious) company, Buhi Supply Co. I found this process to be both interesting and insightful. First of all, I…
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Stukent Mimic Pro Email Simulatin

Mimic Pro Email Marketing Simulation: A Lesson in Humility

Stukent’s Mimic Pro digital marketing simulation offers digital marketing students a hands-on email marketing experience. I feel the limitations of the software clouded the learning process to some degree. However, here are my takeaways from the Mimic Pro email marketing simulation.  Open Rates Email open rates depend upon your contact’s first impression of your email.…
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Mimic Pro digital marketing simulation

How to Not Only Survive but Thrive at the Mimic Pro Digital Marketing Simulation

If you are new to digital marketing and have the pleasure of familiarizing yourself with the Stukent Mimic Pro digital marketing simulation, allow me to welcome you to the wonderful world of Kent’s Camera Castle (insert fanfare here). In this digital marketing simulation, you are asked to create paid search ads, emails and corresponding landing…
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The Top 3 Most Important Principles for Content Marketing

In Kate Santore’s 2017 keynote address for Content Marketing World, she addresses the obligation of sharing “thoughtware” to push the competition and consistently raise the bar for content marketers. As a newcomer to the content marketing party, I found her talk inspiring. I mean, who among us wouldn’t want to be a content marketer at…
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