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Great River Landing, Onalaska WI

The 3 Best Warm Weather Activities with Kids in La Crosse, WI

This winter’s endless assault of snow and frigid temperatures has left us feeling overwhelmed and ready for spring. Not to mention the cabin fever that irritates adults and children alike. As I struggle to remain optimistic that this change of season will actually occur, I catch myself daydreaming about my favorite activities to do with…
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Disability & Diversity

Writing about disabilities feels a little heavier than typical blogging due to the sensitive nature of the subject and since it is both my intent and my responsibility not to offend any readers. I agree with I am Tyler ( that people with disabilities should be defined by what they can do and not held…
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Choose to Live a Meaningful Life

The other day my 14-year-old daughter was lamenting about her homework load (they give these kids mind-numbing amounts of busywork to complete outside of school – but that’s another topic!). She was perplexed at why teachers give their students so much work and it never ends, and then you inevitably grow up, get a job…
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